Dottie Alo

Dottie Henrietta Togisala Alo, grew up in a military home. When her parents settled in Ogden, UT she instantly lost her father at the age of 16. Since then she took on the workforce to help her widowed mother to make ends meet. Being the oldest of 9, working a full time job she still managed to uphold her schooling.

In her early years of marriage and five kids later, she was able to complete her bachelors degree at Weber State university in Business administration. Sooner after, Dottie and her husband, Falepule, were able to open up three karate studios where they worked hand in hand prepping individuals for competitions, demonstration and advancement. 

With the decision of moving to a small town in salt lake county (rose park) she then started a profession as a parole officer where she was accepted into the masters program at the University of Utah to pursue an education psychology degree.


While still pursuing her individual education she took on the role as a high school counselor at Granger High school, where she excelled in helping individuals in multiple parts of their lives. She then moved to the Utah department of education where she was over the testing department where apart of her job was to approve the test curriculums that were handed out to educators. 


Providing programs for the Burmese community she was able to implement different strategies to get them more acquainted into the individual communities they were in and help them to adjust to their new life here in America. 

Taking pride in the work she was doing she made the decision to become a high school administrator, where she was able to be an assistant principal interning at West High School and taking on a full time role at Cyprus and finishing at Granger high school. 


At both of these schools she was able create new programs that helped high school students excel in education, the community to support their local programs that encouraged education excellence and promoted higher education.


Throughout these years, she has been able to witness her students pursue full ride scholarships in different areas. She has been able to be a spokeswoman for different community groups as well as educate communities on diversities, programs available for their kids to be successful in the world as well as offer services that could help their families personally to enhance their quality of life. 

Education has been a major part of her life and is even in pursuit of her PhD. While she is now retired her only hope is to start a nonprofit organization that focuses on mental health and suicide awareness in honor of her late son Robert Alo. 


Though her accomplishments and recognitions may be wide her most valuable moments have always been with her family.

Staying faithful to God and enjoying her grandkids. She laughs uncontrollably and loves with every part of her heart. As great her accomplishments are her humility in her work and service to others is compared to none. 

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