The Poly Ridaz Motorcycle Club was founded by a group of friends known as the “original eighteen” each representing island tribes from the South Pacific Nations of Polynesia. Our core principles and values are deeply rooted in Polynesian Island Culture: Dedication to God, Country, our families and our work; loyalty and respect for one another; and our love for riding skillfully and confidently. We enjoy the freedoms this great Country affords us and we are law abiding citizens. We fully support the men and women of the Armed Forces as well as all public safety minded Motorcycle Clubs. We support all endeavors to promote the freedom to ride motorcycles no matter the make or model.

Owning a motorcycle does not automatically qualify one for membership into the Poly Ridaz Family. We are only interested in members with qualities that will positively enhance our brotherhood and promote the values for which we stand for such as respect, integrity, passion, humility and loyalty. Our bylaws govern our conduct as members and are strictly adhered to. 

Our center patch design is that of a Polynesian Tiki originally carved into wooden masks, in their original intent, to stand in for deities, protect from evil spirits, increase a warrior’s power and enhance fertility; and luck. They serve many purposes both in the privacy of our homes and in everyday Polynesian life. It is the symbol which represents the great accomplishments of our ancestors that history describes as a highly intelligent, disciplined sea faring people with an innate curiosity to explore the great oceans. Today it is our unifying symbol and our rite of passage. It is a reminder of our ancestry and a beacon for our future as our common love and passion is riding motorcycles. We also promote unity, positivity, community service, and a lifestyle filled with happiness and laughter as we celebrate and mourn life together. 


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